Presidential rural horticulture programme transforms Mangwe

By Providence Maraneli

THE recently established Jinjika garden in Mangwe district under the presidential rural horticulture scheme has started transforming the lives of most villagers who are now eking a living off it.

It is a dream come true for the people of Mangwe thanks to the Presidential rural horticulture scheme, which has transformed livelihoods of many who are into farming at Jinjika garden.

“We never dreamt of this situation where we can look up and say our area can be developed, we thank the President for this, we are so happy.
If you look at the statistics we are told that we are the worst province in terms of stunting, but tell you what, we have been remembered we now can feed our children.”

For Mlungisi Ncube, managing 163 villagers has never been difficult because of the commitment that they have shown.

“We have made ZWL$100 000 dollars in our first month and we are looking forward to make more because we have learnt along the way, what is on demand and what is not and it makes me proud to see development in our area. We want to thank the President.”

The success of this scheme is not only important to the government but will set the ball rolling for the replication of the empowerment model in different parts of the country.

“Opportunities lie where we are; beneath our feet and here in Jinjika village we have demonstrated that it is indeed possible for villagers not to go anywhere else to be employed. This an incredible developmental pathway for the attainment of vision 2030. We will replicate this in 35 thousand villages,” said Minister Masuka.

The Presidential Rural Horticulture Scheme was launched by President Mnangagwa on the 15th of December last year to set the rural communities on course of development as the country surges towards vision 2030.