Presidential Pasture Scheme receives boost

By ZBC Reporter

THE Presidential Livestock Nutritional Pastures Scheme has received a major boost after government entered into a partnership with the private sector to equip Agritex officers with technical expertise to spearhead the development of pasture green belts around the country.

The development of livestock pasture greenbelts is one of the critical aspects enunciated under the Livestock Recovery and Growth Plan to boost livestock production and rebuild the national herd with a particular focus on the drought prone southern parts of the country.

To achieve this, Agritex has come up with a strategic framework to train extension officers to spearhead the development of nutritional pasture green belts under the presidential livestock pasture scheme.

It is an informative and educative programme which will see us as the Provincial Agritex officers imparting the knowledge to other extension officers for further dissemination to thousands of livestock farmer be it small scale or large scale,

The growing of pastures especially the improved nutritional pastures will go a long way towards assisting farmers in drought-prone regions to save their cattle and play a role toward rebuilding the national herd said Wisdom Gunzvenzve Agritex Chief Livestock Officer.

Europe Africa Seed Initiative Country Manager Tinashe Mugadza said the Presidential Nutritional Pastures Programme has the full backing of the Europe Africa Seed Initiative.

We are here to complement government efforts by training Agritex extension officers who will in turn impart the knowledge of how best to grow the pastures to farmers. We have secured adequate seed for pasture and so far distributed to thousands of farmers in five drought-prone regions, said Mugadza.

Over four hundred thousand livestock farmers in five provinces have so far benefited from the Presidential Pastures scheme.

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