Presidential inputs scheme receives a major boost

By ZBC Reporter
THE Presidential inputs scheme, smart agriculture and other farming programmes got a major boost after a local company tasked to supply inputs imported over 20 thousand tonnes of top dressing fertiliser for disbursement to farmers.
A visit by ZBC news to the company mandated to supply inputs under the presidential free inputs schemes, FSG warehouses revealed that over 20 thousand tonnes of ammonium nitrate fertiliser have arrived and are awaiting disbursement to farmers.
Logistics manager for the company Ngoni Kandeya says adequate supplies of basal have been disbursed with distribution of top dressing fertiliser now underway.
“We have completed distributing about 43 thousand tonnes of basal and the nation can rest assured that adequate stocks of AN have been secured as you can see over 20 thousand tonnes of AN is now in our warehouses and distribution of over 3 000 is on course,” he said
The importation of the top dressing fertiliser comes at an opportune time for over 1.2 million households registered under the presidential inputs programme.
Over 400 thousand families who have benefited from the presidential free cotton inputs are expected to take advantage of the recent rains to apply the fertiliser.