Presidential borehole scheme launched in Chitungwiza

By Fungai Jachi

THE Presidential Borehole drilling scheme has been set in motion, with Chitungwiza being the first beneficiary of the initiative aimed at eradicating the perennial water challenges.

Chitungwiza has become synonymous with dry taps and poorly managed sewer systems in the last two decades owing to the collapse of an efficient reticulation system in the opposition-led urban council.

The repercussions have weighed heavily on residents.

“We had become so accustomed to recycling and reusing dirty water, we have tap water once a week and having water at the local borehole was a challenge due to politics. For the past 15 years, water has been a challenge and as an elderly person, I couldn’t get access and ended up buying a 20-litre bucket of water for US$1, I had no option,” said one elderly resident.

In the absence of a long term solution, relief has been brought through the Presidential Borehole Drilling scheme initiated by the Zimbabwe Youth Presidential Support Organization (ZYPSO) with one eye on the smart city concept.

“We are going to all areas in Harare so all people can have access to water, what we are doing is, drill a borehole, put a solar system and put taps, we are moving away from bush pumps system and putting modern systems so that everyone gets access to the water,” said Tempter Paul Tungwarara, President of the Zimbabwe Youth Presidential Support Organisation.

ZANU PF St Mary’s Candidate, Nobert Jinjika alluded to improved service provision as the second republic’s trump card.

“It is a program initiated by the President, for the past 20 years all local authorities have been run by opposition parties and service delivery has been on zero. We have at least 20 boreholes to be drilled here, this is for everybody not partisan, so we want to keep supporting the President so that he brings such services to the people and we will be able to reach his vision. They might not suffice but will go a long way,” he said.

St Mary’s Constituency has perennial water challenges among a myriad of shoddy services delivered by local authorities serving close to 100 000 people, hence the ruling party’s move to step in.