President reviews Covid-19 Lockdown

By ZBC Reporter
President Emmerson Mnangangwa this Monday addressed the nation with regards to the Covid-19 induced lockdown and he reassured the nation that vaccines will be made available for the people.
Addressing the nation this Monday, President Mnangangwa reiterated that the vaccination programme remains based on voluntary basis.
“As we come to the expiry of that period, it is noteworthy that the number of Covid-19 positive cases, fatalities and hospitalisation continue to steadily decrease,” he said.
“We must however remain alert and on guard to maintain the positive momentum attained so far.
I would like to once again reassure the nation that more vaccines are coming and people will have the opportunity to be vaccinated.
“As Government, we are pleased with the positive response from the targeted groups. while the Vaccination Programme is voluntary, let us remain mindful of the need to protect ourselves, our loved ones and the entire nation.”
The following reviews were made with regards to the national lockdown:
“Curfew has been adjusted to 2200 to 0530hrs, letters of movement are no longer required, supermarkets to operate until 1900hrs with operators ensuring adherence to WHO guidelines.
“Industry to open with strict adherence to WHO guidelines, SMEs, food markets and the informal sector to reopen, Schools, Universities and Colleges must prepare to open and observe WHO protocols, however, virtual learning is encouraged where possible.
“Intercity travel can now resume, bus operators must ensure the disinfection of buses and other safety guidelines, funeral gatherings to remain at 30 people, all other gatherings must not exceed 50 people, restaurants to open for takeaways and deliveries while bars, nightclubs and gymnasiums remain closed with bottle stores must strictly operate take aways as required by the law.”
The President also thanked the Chinese government for their additional donations of vaccine doses.
” I once again express my profound gratitude to the President of the People’s Republic of China, His Excellency, Xi Jinping and the Government of the people of China for the additional donation of 200 000 doses of vaccines made to Zimbabwe just last week.”

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