President Mnangagwa rallies Zimbabweans to maintain cleanliness at family level

By Regis Mhako

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa took the National Clean-Up Campaign to Chegutu’s Pfupajena Suburb this Friday, where he rallied Zimbabweans to maintain hygiene at family level.

Prior to partaking in the clean-up campaign in the P-Square area in the surbub, President Mnangagwa planted the Sausage tree or Kigelia Africana at the town’s community development centre.

The clean-up was conducted along a street leading to West End Shopping Centre from the Community Development Centre.

President Mnangagwa commended Chegutu for its efforts in maintaining clean standards and rallied Zimbabweans to not only clean-up public places and streets, but to maintain hygiene within their homes.

“Chegutu is viewed as better than other towns in terms of cleanliness. Keep it up. Let’s not take the clean-up exercises on streets and public places only, but let’s ensure we also maintain hygiene at our homes,” he said.

Several cabinet ministers and Government Officials also joined the President for the clean-up campaign.

After the clean-up campaign the President handed over computers to Pfupajena Primary and Secondary Schools which is part of the Ministry of Information, Communication Technology, Postal and Courier Services’ National E-learning strategy.