President Mnangagwa commends entrepreneurs for supporting economic development

By Sifiso Sibanda

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa has described the Solgas Solar Project which he commissioned in Hwange this Friday as a shining example of how local entrepreneurs have come on board to support the local economy.

The investment by the Solgas Company in a five megawatts solar power plant in Hwange has been hailed as a milestone achievement by local entrepreneurs who have transformed into key players in the country’s infrastructural development.

Commissioning the Solar plant at Cross Mabale in Hwange this Friday, President Mnangagwa challenged other business people including the Diaspora community to invest locally and take full advantage of the investor-friendly environment set into motion by the Second Republic.

“I am proud of these young men, who together with Old Mutual have put an additional five megawatts to the national power grid. I call on all business people to invest here as we build our nation,” he said.

President Mnangagwa added that the project demonstrates the fruits and the success of public-private partnerships in business.

“This project shows that the public-private partnership is critical in developing our country as our power utility and Solgas have shown the way,” he added.

Turning to chiefs, the President challenged traditional leaders to take the lead in developing their areas by identifying key economic projects and ensuring the government provides funding.

“Chiefs must identify projects and bring them to the government for funding so that nobody starves here and I assure you that the Second Republic will not disappoint you in this,” noted the President.

The Cross Mabale Solar project is expected to be upgraded to a 50-megawatt power plant soon.