President Mnangagwa applauds Rotarians for instituting life-changing projects

By Bruce Chahwanda

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has commended the Rotary Club for spearheading life-changing projects which complement government efforts towards the attainment of Vision 2030.

He was speaking at the official opening of the Rotary International Conference in Harare this Thursday evening.

The complementary role played by the Rotary Club in the provision of critical infrastructure for communities took centre stage at the official opening of the Rotary International District 9210 conference in Harare this Thursday.

Guest of Honour at the opening ceremony, President Emmerson Mnangagwa, said the club has come up with far-reaching projects which speak to government’s mantra of leaving no one and no place behind.

“I want to acknowledge the various programmes by the Rotary Club which complement Government efforts for higher quality of life for all. These include programmes to help enhance food security at household level, improve health and sanitation, realise quality education for all as well as grow local economies and incomes, while promoting peace, unity and harmony among our people.

“As Rotarians, you are doing your part towards the realisation of our national Vision of a prosperous and empowered upper middle income economy by 2030. Going forward, efforts of the Rotary Club must continue to complementmy government’sprogrammes to enhance climate resilience such as the climate proofed agriculture Pfumvudza/Intwasa programme,” he said.

President Mnangagwa commended the Rotary club for working closely with rural communities towards improving provision of water and sanitation.

“To augment Government’s efforts in provision of critical infrastructure

to various communities, Rotarians are applauded for working with several rural communities and schools towards improving access to clean water and sanitation. This is in keeping with my Government’s mantra of leaving no one and no place behind.

He added, “The project by Rotarians to rehabilitate dams in the drought prone region of Matabeleland South complements the ongoing dam construction and rehabilitation programme across the country. This will help mitigate the impact of climate change and contribute to sustainable livelihoods through viable agriculture production and productivity.”

The annual conference of Rotary District 9210 brings together four SADC countries, including Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique.

Meanwhile, President Mnangagwa received honorary membership of the Rotary Club which has saw him being presented with badges of the club.