Preserve natural environment, Zimbabweans told

By ZBC Reporter

The United Nations has underscored the need for Zimbabwe to continue preserving the natural environment to support the developmental agenda the country is focusing on.

Speaking on the sidelines of an Environment and Tourism Parliamentary Portfolio Committee seminar in Harare this Monday, United Nations Development Programme Assistant Resident Representative, Mrs Annie Madzara who is also Head of Unity, Poverty Reduction, Environment and Climate Change, noted that a poorly managed environment inhibits development.

“A poorly managed environment often results in problems that often inhibit developmental programmes through many of its effects.”

Chairperson of the Environment and Tourism Parliamentary Portfolio Committee, Mrs Concillia Chinanzvavana noted the need for the country to attain smart ways of conducting business.

“There is a need for Zimbabwe to attain smart ways of conducting business for the implementation of the developmental agenda that leads to the attainment of Vision2030.”

Environmental Management Agency (EMA) Director, Mr Steady Kangata highlighted that malpractices in the environment have led to the depletion of the water table, biodiversity loss, deforestation, and desertification.

“The state of soils, air, water and forests has of late assumed a huge bearing on the developmental agendas of the country.”

Faced with multiple environmental challenges, the country has designed and implemented some policies that address those specific problem areas, with notable success.