Premier League transfer window to open on July 27 until October 5

PREMIER LEAGUE clubs have agreed on a 10-week summer transfer window as a result of the coronavirus crisis and shutdown.

Clubs will be free to buy and sell from Monday, July 27, the day after the delayed season ends. Premier League clubs will have just over two months to sign the players they hope will lead them to title success.

It will close for clubs to sign players on Uefa’s European competition registration deadline of Oct 5.

It means clubs will be able to trade for the likely first three weeks of the new season, with the League expected to confirm a September 12 start date for the 2020-21 campaign at next weks’s video meeting of the clubs.

But the Premier League sides have agreed to a further 11-day window for deals between top-flight clubs and the EFL, allowing players to be sent out on loan or sold to lower divisions.

And that means the EFL sides will be allowed the maximum 12-week window permitted under Fifa regulations.

The decision was confirmed after the Prem was reassured by the other main European leagues that they would also be respecting the Uefa deadline as their cut-off point.

In February, the 20 shareholder clubs agreed in February to revert to the window closing after the season begins.

That followed two years of an early closure that placed English sides at a disadvantage of up to three weeks compared to their European counterparts.

There were concerns that failing to align with Europe would leave English sides vulnerable to losing key assets once again but they were allayed after the discussions.

Under Fifa rules, leagues are allowed a maximum window period of 16 weeks per year, normally split into 12 weeks in the summer and four in the winter.

As a result of the chaos caused by Covid-19, Fifa has agreed that leagues will, for one year only, have the right to split their registration and transfer periods into three windows, still adding up to 16 weeks.

The Prem, though, seems unlikely to take up the option with the winter window expected to last from January 1 to February 1.

Manchester United are just one of a number of clubs planning a bumper summer window.

They are looking to bring in Aston Villa midfielder Jack Grealish, Leicester left-back Ben Chilwell and Borussia Dortmund hero Jadon Sancho – the latter at a club record fee of £109 million .

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