PRAZ enlightens parliamentarians on public procurement provisions

By ZBC Reporter
PARLIAMENTARIANS this Friday were enlightened at the of public procurement and disposal of public asset workshop organised by the procurement regulatory authority of Zimbabwe (PRAZ).
The workshop was done to fully capacitate and prepare parliamentarians with the main provisions of the public procurement act so that the legislators may execute efficiently and effectively their oversight role on government operations.
Chairperson of Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Budget, Finance and Economic Development, Honourable Felix Mhona said as parliamentarians they have immensely benefited from their interaction with PRAZ and polished a number of grey areas with respect to the disposal of public assets as well as government tenders.
“The workshop has been an eye-opener and will go a long way on our mandate with regards to oversight government operations,” said Honourable Mhona.
Procurement Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe Chief Executive Officer Nyasha Chizu said the workshop articulated in detail the application and function of the public procurement act with the aim of bringing transparency and accountability.
“Judging by the response and acceptance we got from parliament, the interaction seems it was long overdue,” said Chizu.
The new public procurement act seeks among other objectives to totally eliminate controversy especially around Government tenders by enhancing transparency.