Power outages ease as govt pursues long term measures: Minister Chasi

By ZBC Reporter
GOVERNMENT says it is pursuing long term measures to ensure continuous improvement of the country’s power situation. The Minister of Energy and Power Development, Advocate Fortune Chasi said the government is working on a longterm plan to ensure continuous improvement of power supply, with the situation on the ground showing a massive reduction in load-shedding.
Speaking to ZBC News in Kanyemba on Friday where he was part of a government delegation touring developmental projects in the area, Minister Chasi said they are pursuing long term measures in addressing the country’s power situation.
“Yes we have had some challenges at Hwange after the floods but we hope the electricity situation will continue improving in the first quarter. We are not pursuing short term measures but we are looking ahead to ensure energy security and economic imperatives that His Excellency President Mnangagwa has set for the country,” said Minister Chasi.
The Minister also spoke on increasing cases of vandalism of ZESA property, revealing how the government seeks to address the challenge.
“We are implementing security and legislative measures to fight vandalism of ZESA property,” he said
The power situation in the country has improved of late, with the government having committed itself to pursue alternative energy sources, while work is underway at the Hwange Thermal Power Station Expansion Project.