Population & housing census receives keen interest

By ZBC Reporters
THE 2022 population and housing census entered day two with the process progressing well in most parts of the country.

In Manicaland farming communities in Nyanga participated with keen interest.

“We are happy to have been counted. We were eagerly waiting for the process. Those who are conducting the process are very sociable,” said one resident.
“We could easily identify the enumerators by what they are putting on and that has made it easy for us to release the required information,” commented another resident.
“I was not at home when they arrived and we made arrangements for me to come and I have been counted. The questions on the nationality, age and occupation among others were not difficult to respond to,” revealed a resident.

The enumerators are appreciative of residents’ readiness to provide relevant information.

“We have not faced any challenge since the start of the counting exercise. This is because the preparatory phase was thorough and the community members are forth coming with information. When we arrive at households without people, we look for contact details and book them. Despite the rains that we recently experienced, the people are willing to be counted. This is a farming community so most of the people will be available at lunch time for counting. The use of ICT gadgets is making our job easier and I have covered 17 houses today and might surpass 20 by end of day,” said an enumerator.
In Mashonaland Central, the counting progressed on day two as the weather had improved under sunny weather conditions.

People who spoke to ZBC News in Bindura believe the exercise will benefit the nation.

‘They came here and they counted us and they asked a lot of questions regards to who stays here and so forth so I’m quite pleased that I was able to make my contribution.’ said Tatenda Gonzo

‘This exercise is for a good cause, that of development in our nation so I do understand about the census and I have been counted.’ said Norman Gadzambo.
In a telephone interview, Mashonaland Central Provincial Statistician, Darlington Manjengwa said apart from rain induced challenges on the first day, everything is on course.

‘We feel we are on course, so we have done institutional populations, the homeless, those in transit were enumerated yesterday, church gatherings were enumerated and now we are in the second day we are moving on quite well. We hope to complete the exercise within the ten days,” he said.
In Gwanda, an enumerator, Elvis Sinyoro walks into the Dube family homestead.

The excitement and the response he gets is but a demonstration of a community ready to partake in the critical government programme.

“It important that we are counted because it will help the government plan, look at the drought this year government has to know how many people need food,” said a family member.

“We heard it on the radio that the census programme is coming and it is important that we partake in it so that we help our government with information for planning purposes,” said another.

The community’s readiness here is being attributed to the successful outreach campaigns by the responsible authorities. One is aware of the ongoing census because we received the notifications and also we were given posters and the radio also mentioned it. We are encouging all the villagers to partake in this exercise,” said a village head.