Population & housing census kicks off this Thursday

By Abigirl Tembo

THE 2022 population and housing census gets underway this Thursday with the enumeration of people in transit, hotels and prisons.

It is all systems go for the population and housing census which will be set into motion as soon as the clock hits 12 midnight on the 21st of April.

Zimstat Public Relations Manager, Ms Mercy Chidemo says the process will start with the floating population.

“We will start with those who are in hotels, prisons, the homeless and those travelling. For those in households, enumeration will begin tomorrow the 21st of April to the 30th of April 2022. All questions during the enumeration will be focused on the census night, meaning all questions will be related to all those individuals who would have spent the census night in a certain household,” said Ms Chidemo.

The process has been made watertight to close the door on bogus enumerators.

“The enumerators will be wearing census regalia and will be carrying census IDs with their pictures and the emblem of the census and the cards also have details where people can call if they have any questions. Our questionnaire has several modules there is a demography module where they will be asking the number of people at a certain household, the sex, the ages, we also have a module to do with functionality, we also have a module to deal with immigration which will focus on individuals who would have left the country,” she said.

An awareness campaign was also held ahead of the exercise which comes exactly 10 years after the last census in 2012.