Popular Chipinge traditional leader says Covid-19 vaccines are the way to go

By ZBC Reporter

A Popular Chipinge-based traditional leader, Dr Chigadzira has set the record straight on the role of traditional medicine in fighting the Covid-19 pandemic saying the only solution at the moment are vaccines which have been availed by government.

The late traditional healer Sekuru Ndunge popularised Chipinge as the home of all traditional solutions hence people flocked to his homestead from various parts of the world.

Famed for allegedly having the expertise to make bank balances grow, curse enemies, treat terminal illnesses and win back loved ones, people from various backgrounds made a beeline for the traditional healer’s attention.

But the story does not end there with Chipinge now known, mistakenly though, as the hub of witchcraft and that belief has drove some to find traditional remedies for the Covid-19 pandemic in Chipinge.

ZBC News tracked down one of the most popular traditional healers in the district, Dr Chigadzira whose real name is Panganai Chirimambowa.

Upon entering his homestead, the crew was asked to take off its shoes and led to a small round hut which was decorated with various types of cloths and animal skins.

Asked whether Chipinge was the home of witchcraft or not, Dr Chigadzira said it was just but a misconception.

That is a very old misconception that Chipinge is a sacred place. Our role as traditional healers is to help solve real-life situations such as health, poverty, infertility among other issues. We don’t believe in spilling blood or causing harm to another person, he said.

Asked if they consulted each other as traditional healers, Dr Chigadzira said they don’t compete but complement one another.

We are a united front. There are some things which I can’t solve so I refer to one with the expertise. We had a very good relationship with Sekuru Ndunge whom we also assisted when he needed help, he noted.

Turning to the topical Covid-19 issue, Dr Chigadzira said the only hope of ending the pandemic is to adhere to health guidelines while also urging Zimbabweans to comply with measures that have been put in place by the government to curb the spread of pandemic.

We are all wearing face masks, sanitising our hands and keeping social distancing because that is what the government recommends. We should all adhere to that so that we don’t spread the pandemic, said Chigadzira.

Meanwhile, the Zimbabwe National Traditional Healers Association (ZINATHA) has warned the public against buying any form of medicine from the streets and other undesignated areas.

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