Poptain collaborates with UK artists

By ZBC Reporter

After breaking onto the music scene with his hit song ‘Fadza Mutengi’ two years ago, Zimdancehall star Ameen Yaseen, popularly known as Poptain, has captured the attention of international music enthusiasts, with UK based Red Room Studios label endorsing him. 

The Fadza Mutengi hitmaker is optimistic that his union with the label will boost his music career as it includes collaborations with international artistes from Ghana, Uganda and Zambia.

“I want to thank God the agreement is not a written down contract but a verbal agreement we had. They offered me collaborations with Ghanaian artists like Sakode, I also got collaboration with one of their artist Dekezia and they offered to give me their equipment to do videos. I really appreciate this opportunity. The collaborations will broaden my market and help me diversify. I have already done collaborations with Sheba from Uganda, Roberto from Zambia and Sakode,”  he said.

Earlier this week the Zimdancehall chanter dropped a single produced by the same label titled Something (Breaking news) featuring UK-based Zimbabwean musician Lorenzi FTS which is currently trending on YouTube.

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