Pomona Waste to Energy Project, government moves in

By Owen Mandovha

THE Government has moved in to avert potential damage of relations with investors in light of moves by the Harare City Council to scuttle the Pomona Waste to Energy Project.

Zimbabwe’s improving reputation as a beacon of attracting investment was on the verge of being soiled by the opposition-led Harare City Council which reneged on its deal with Netherlands based company Geoginix for a waste to energy project at the Pomona Dumpsite in Harare.

Despite being part of the project appraisal process to the extent of making due diligence visits to the company’s waste to energy plants in Europe, the Harare City Council has been dragging its feet for the past two months in terms of honouring its end of the bargain.

Government has since moved in to avert a potential investment image damaging disaster by utilising the local authority’s devolution payouts to settle outstanding bills to the investor.

“Harare City’s Devolution funds will be utilised to settle outstanding bills to the investor Geoginix.
In its spirited campaign to derail the project, the Harare City Council has persistently defied the Minister of Local Government and Public Works who in terms of the Urban Councils Act directed the local authority to rescind irregular resolutions to set aside the project.

“There is a deliberate attempt to scuttle the deal despite several directives by the Minister to reverse their irregular resolutions to suspend the deal,” said Zvinechimwe Churu, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Local Government and Public Works.

The Government will also improve the capacity of the Harare City Council’s waste management department to improve efficiency for the local authority to meet its operational obligations to the project which upon completion will generate 22 megawatts of electricity, apart from turning the dumpsite into an environmental park.

The Second Republic has lured foreign investors into various economic sectors which are transforming the economy at an unprecedented scale.

However, true to their colours, the opposition led Harare City councils’ anti-development traits are on full display with regards to the Pomona Waste to Energy Project but Government insists their ill-perceived agenda will not prevail.