Police warn against impersonation of law enforcement officers

By Fungai Jachi

THE Zimbabwe Republic Police has warned the public against impersonating law enforcement officers, amid concerns over the increase of such cases in the country.

This comes after a growing trend of cases where members of the public have fallen victim to impersonators who rob them of cars, cash and other valuables.

The latest case, which is before the courts, is that of Fraizer Chengetai Kabinara who is facing charges of robbery and impersonating a police officer.

It is alleged that Kabinara and his two alleged accomplices would mount fake roadblocks where they would stop motorists and accuse them of disobeying road regulations.

The State alleges that they would then demand cash from the motorists, threatening them with death.

This case is one amongst many that the police are seized with.

ZRP national spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi says the public should always be on high alert for bogus police officers.

“We have noted with concern how some people are impersonating law enforcement officers. The public should be on high alert always. They should know that police officers have to identify themselves and inform on the reason for the roadblock. If the public does not understand or suspect anything amiss, they should contact the nearest police station. Police use marked cars for operations and not Honda Fits or Toyota Wishes,” he said.

A number of people who impersonate law enforcement officers have been arrested, with some having already appeared in court.