Police to intensify covid-19 containment measures

The Zimbabwe Republic Police says it is still enforcing lockdown regulations and has urged people to observe safety measures to prevent the spread of the virus.

This follows the relaxation of level four lockdown measures early this year, which however saw most people become complacent in taking precautionary measures that reduce the spread of the virus such as wearing of masks and practicing social distance.

As a result, the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) says it will be intensifying enforcement of regulations meant to contain the spread of the virus.

ZRP spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi told ZBC news that police will be arresting those caught on the wrong side of the law.

“We have observed that some people are not wearing face masks and some people are just moving around even after 10pm with no reasons. The ZRP will be arresting those who flout lockdown regulations,” he said.

Government earlier this month relaxed level four lockdown measures and allowed some businesses to reopen under certain regulations following a decrease in the number of new infections and deaths.

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