POLAD members rally behind land compensation

By ZBC Reporter

Leaders of various political parties in POLAD have rallied behind the government’s quest to honour its constitutional obligations on land.

The 4th Principals Executive meeting of POLAD held at the State House in Harare this Friday was attended by political leaders as well as fiscal authorities to discuss various issues pertaining to the country’s political and socio-economic development.

Co-convener of POLAD, Mrs Margaret Sangarwe Mukahanana opened this Friday’s meeting with a clarion call for all Zimbabweans to unite and put the country first.

National Constitutional Assembly President Professor Lovemore Madhuku and People’s Democratic Party leader, Mrs Lucia Matibenga spoke shared their views on the issue of land compensation and claims of a crisis in the country.

“The Constitution provides for it and if you have to blame anything you have to blame the Constitution and if you blame the Constitution you have to blame the people of Zimbabwe for endorsing that Constitution,” said Prof Madhuku.

“Those issues were debated and we came up with a draft which people voted for and if I can emphasise this, which some of us have been complaining about the lack of implementation of the Constitution. Now it is being implemented (and) some people are complaining,” Mrs Matibenga said.

Zimbabwe has registered significant economic progress in a very short period of time, which is set to be a springboard for improved living standards and long term economic growth.

Finance and Economic Development Minister Professor Mthuli Ncube and Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Governor, Dr John Mangudya outlined these achievements to members of the Political Actors Dialogue (POLAD) at State House in Harare this Friday.

A myriad of economic challenges were inherited from the First Republic chiefly the perennial budget deficits which led to the collapse of the Zimbabwe dollar with the country forced to adopt the use of foreign currencies.

Professor Mthuli Ncube and Dr John Mangudya highlighted that Zimbabwe under the Second Republic has done incredibly well under difficult circumstances to bring normalcy to the economy.

Dr Mangudya explained that the central bank has expanded its regulatory control over mobile money which has stabilised the local currency.

Professor Mthuli Ncube revealed that a successor economic blueprint, the National Development Strategy (NDS) will be announced in the upcoming 2021 budget presentation to replace the Transitional Stabilisation Programme which had been the anchor in all the successes achieved so far.

POLAD is a dialogue platform for political parties to contribute ideas on how Zimbabwe can move forward and register prosperity on the social, political and economic fronts.