POLAD engages US, Western nations over sanctions

Bruce Chahwanda

The Political Actors Dialogue (POLAD) is set to engage the United States of America and other Western nations on the removal of illegal sanctions imposed on the country at the turn of the millennium.

Zimbabwe has been placed under the United States of America’s illegal embargo for more than two decades with the sanctions slowing down development in all sectors of the economy.

This has prompted the Political Actors Dialogue (POLAD) International Relations and Reengagement Committee to take a proactive approach and engage the US and its allies for the removal of the illegal embargo.

POLAD Deputy Chairperson International Relations and Re Engagement Committee Mr Divine Mhambi Hove said: “We have been waiting for the greenlight to visit countries who have imposed sanctions on us and find ways of engaging with them. We are currently in discussion with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade to finalise the logistics and dates for the tour. We are confident this will bring better fortunes for the country.”

Despite the existence of the illegal sanctions, the second republic has make strides in turning around the fortunes of the country through infrastructure development and stabilising the economy anchored on policies that promote productivity across all sectors of the economy.

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