Platinum producers to set up a refinery plant

By ZBC Reporter
LOCAL platinum miners are now set to establish a base metal refinery to fully process platinum ore locally following the commencement of operations by Great Dyke Investments last week.
Local platinum producers send their produce as concentrates to South Africa where it is finally refined into finished products because local output cannot sustain the establishment of a base metal refinery.
The situation is poised to change following the start of operations at Darwendale Platinum mine in Mashonaland West Province last week.
Deputy Minister of Mines and Mining Development Honourable Polite Kambamura said the collective mass from all local platinum miners can sustain feeding the base metal refinery.
“Currently local output cannot sustain to competitively set up a refinery because it is very low to be able to feed the refinery, but the coming in on board of Darwendale Platinum Project means we will be able to set up the refinery,” he said.
Palladium which is one of the minerals of the six platinum group of metals has suddenly become the most valuable precious metal, with prices soaring to over 2500 United States dollars per ounce.
The setting up of a refinery will increase export earnings through value addition which will help the country attain the envisaged 12 billion dollar mining industry by the year 2023.