Plastic house at Tongogara Refugee Camp a symbol of creativity

By Tamuka Charakupa  

A youth-driven organisation based at Tongogara Refugee Camp has constructed a house using plastic bottles as a way to prove that waste can be turned into something innovative if utilised sustainably.

A 23-year old young man, Evode Hakizimana has become a celebrated figure around the Tongogara Refugee Camp after successfully mobilising fellow youths in the camp to collect empty plastic bottles and constructing a house which now stands as a symbol of innovation and creativity.

“With the vision of seeing that people are having this mindset of saying plastic is just waste but for us we want people to understand that waste is not just waste until you waste it so we want to them understand that with waste you can create opportunities that will make you go far,” said  Hakizimana Founder, Transformation Innovation Hub.

Now leading a group of 51 members under the banner Transformation Innovation Hub, Evode is confident they have a role to play in the fulfillment of the country’s Vision 2030 agenda.

“Our vision is we want to not only to focus here in the camp but also want to contribute to the economy of the country because the government of Zimbabwe is trying to advance the youth empowerment and with the Vision of 2030 of not leaving anyone behind so we want to take this as far as we can,” said Hakizimana

Tongogara Refugee Camp Administrator, Mr Johanna Mhlanga described the development as part and parcel of government’s youth empowerment agenda in the camp.

“The idea behind this is that we want to make sure that we avoid having youth adopting negative copying mechanisms so this is innovation is actually a shot in the arm for the youth in the camp and it speaks the overall objective of our programming,” said Mr Mhlanga