Perpetrators of gender-based violence challenged to reform

By Patience Nyagato

PERPETRATORS of gender-based violence have been challenged to reform and play their part in availing equal opportunities and a gender violence free society.

After enduring abuse and violence in various forms, women have taken it upon themselves to raise awareness against gender-based violence and bias.

This Thursday a group of concerned women marched in solidarity with victims of gender-based violence.

“Sometimes as women we are abused. Sometimes by even our own children. One of the main reasons why we are abused is because of incapacitation. I guess it’s time as a country we fight the scourge,” said the Founder women Empowerment Initiative, Elizabeth Mucheche.

Mucheche also spoke on the need to create equal opportunities for women also came under the spotlight.

“In line with this year’s International Women’s Month Theme, we advocate for gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow for all. We salute all men who respect the rights of the girl child, and of women in general. We also challenge perpetrators of gender bias and gender based violence to reform and to play a part in building an equal opportunity and gender violence free society for all,” she added.

With the month of March being set aside to celebrate women, various groups representing women have been coming together in pursuit of empowerment initiatives for improved livelihoods.