Performance-based contracts key to ensuring accountability

By Wellington Makonese

THE Government says implementation of the results-based management and budgeting systems across all sectors is critical in the attainment of national economic targets and ensuring accountability.

The government introduced performance-based contracts through the results-based management (RBM) system that comes with purpose-driven budget specifications as part of efforts to ensure accountability in government entities.

On the sidelines of a public lecture on defence budgeting and management application of results based budgeting in national defence development and planning, Deputy Chief Secretary in the Office of the President and Cabinet, Ambassador Nicholas Kitikiti noted that the RBM is a critical tool for accountability and development.

“When you deploy resources you deploy to activities that bring higher results and, what it tells you is that for each dollar, it is going to the right place, when (RBM)s is set up it has specific outcomess,” said Ambassador Kitikiti.

While performance-based contracts and their effectiveness have been popular in the private sector, Ambassador Kitikiti noted that for the public sector, the ultimate result should be community development.

“The system is there but did it have desired impact on society, that can be assessed after the end of the program and beyond deliverables you look at impact.”

It also emerged that it is critical to ensure specific budgeting in the security sector to strengthen the nation’s defence capabilities as well as programme-based budgeting across all government institutions.