Pauline and Roki rekindle musical romance

By Colette Musanyera

Pioneers of urban grooves music, Roki and Pauline have rekindled their musical romance with a new offing that is making waves on social media.

Roki and Pauline’s music video, Shine like a star, which was recorded under the Passion Java records, has taken the celebrity couple’s fans down memory lane to the turn of the millennium when the two were not only musical partners but lovebirds.

Pauline Gundidza who acknowledges her musical chemistry with Roki reiterated that theirs is purely a musical reunion.

Pauline also hinted on the return of some musical groups which were a force to reckon with during the urban grooves era.

Pauline and Roki who have two kids together, rose to stardom in the early 2000s, instantly becoming household names due to their various hits.

They also collaborated on songs like Ayaiyaho and Zuva Nezuva, among others.

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