‘Patriotism for one’s country a must’

By Memory Chamisa

ZIMBABWEANS have been implored to be patriotic and protect the country from all divisive elements to sustain government’s inclusive development agenda.

The issue of spreading fake news and calling for illegal sanctions to be imposed on the country took centre stage during this Tuesday’s National Assembly session.

Zanu PF Chief Whip Honourable Pupurai Togarepi moved the motion to hasten the enactment of the Patriotic Bill.

Mr Speaker Sir , I move the motion that the Patriotic Bill be attended to with urgency as people are tarnishing the image of the country through false allegations that have seen the country being imposed sanctions. The Patriotic Bill will ensure that people become ambassadors for Zimbabwe and anyone who is found wanting is held accountable,” he said.

The motion was received with an overwhelming, response with other legislators seconding the proposal.

The Patriotic Bill must be hastened as we cannot have people who go around tarnishing the image of the country and neither can we continue with such retrogressive elements,” said Hon Albert Nguluvhe.

The calling of illegal sanctions by some citizens is very sad as this has derailed development in all sectors of the economy especially the ordinary citizens have been affected the most by these illegal sanctions.so the coming in of the patriotic bill will ensure these wee evils will be enlightened through the law,” noted Hon Rose Mpofu.

If passed into law, the Patriotic bill will, among other things, criminalise criticising one’s country.

Parliament is seeking to have the Bill brought to the August House by 30 November this year, as the principles of the proposed Bill were approved by Cabinet.