Parliamentarians receive training research skills

By Yolanda Moyo

FACTUAL research results have been identified as key in policy implementation, hence the need to capacitate Parliament staff with research skills and enough resources in their scope of work.

After a three-day workshop where Parliament staff were being capacitated with research skills in Bulawayo, specialists highlighted the need for government to avail enough resources towards research conducted by Parliament.

Research specialist with the Midlands State University, Professor Nhamo Mhiripiri said, “Parliament staff are key components in the draft of policies and acts as they have to come up with factual evidence that guides the act or policy, hence the need for them to be capacitated with the right skills that will ensure informed decisions as they work with members of Parliament.

“The Research Unit provides services for parliamentary functions such as propose legislation, the budget scrutiny process and also their representative role during plenary deliberations, hence the need to capacitate them with enough resources. For every research, there needs to be enough resources such as financial resources to help in conducting research. What is needed now is for government to channel funds towards research so that policies are fully informed and we do not have information that is biased.”

Participants at the workshop said the use of e-resources in their scope of work will go a long way in gathering and simplified dissemination of information.

“Going forward, we will make use of e resources in our research. As we live in a digital era, we are going to make use of more visuals to interpret data so that the public understands the research findings and also make use of more social media platforms so that all demographics can access our research findings,” said a participant.

The Research Unit at Parliament is mandated to provide relevant and high-quality research services to support staff of Parliament and above all, members of Parliament in exercising their oversight, legislative and representative functions.