Parliament of Zimbabwe affirms support against gender based violence

By Abigirl Tembo Health Editor
THE Parliament of Zimbabwe has reaffirmed its commitment to ending gender-based violence through enactment of laws which prohibit all forms of abuse.
Presiding over the Lighting of Parliament Building in Orange Ceremony to mark the commencement of 16 days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence this Wednesday evening, Deputy President of the Senate Lieutenant General Retired Mike Nyambuya pledged Parliament’s unwavering commitment towards ending gender-based violence.
“Parliament of Zimbabwe is therefore dedicated to end violence and remains committed to enact legislation which prohibits all forms of GBV and to ensure the laws provides for the prosecution of perpetrators and also for the treatment of victims. The Campaign should not be limited to 16 days but throughout the year,” he said.
Netherlands Deputy Head of Mission, Ms Eva van Woersem called for more action towards ending gender-based violence.
“In 2021 we must even call louder. Ending GBV is not just the thing to do but a smart thing to do. Change is happening just too slowly. Orange is a colour of hope hence we should all work towards ending gbv,” said Ms Woersem.
Women and Law Southern Africa Executive Director Ms Fadzai Traquino challenged legislators to continue enacting laws that end GBV.
“Zimbabwe is a part to several treaties aimed at ending gender based violence hence we continue calling on you legislators to make it happen let’s all end gbv”
This year marks the 30th anniversary of the commemorations of the 16 days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence and the orange colour which is being used across the globe is a sign of hope.

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