Parents call for Vuzu party organisers’ arrest

By Lisa Masuku

BULAWAYO continues to grapple with the culture of wild indoor gatherings known as Vuzu parties, where teenagers engage in immoral behavior including drug and substance abuse.

A recent disturbing social media advertisement of a Vuzu party which was scheduled to take place last Thursday, where teenagers were expected to openly engage in illicit sex as well as drug and substance abuse shows how the wild teenage parties have become a menace in the city.

Despite the party being stopped by parents, there are concerns that the situation could go out of hand with the wild indoor gatherings prevalent during school holidays and weekends.

Concerned parents have made a passionate plea for organisers of such events to be brought to book.

“As parents, we no longer have that grip to reprimand our children because they have rights.

“The organisers of these parties are messing up our children, they should be arrested,” a parent who spoke to ZBC News said.

“We are pleading with the government as parents to intervene before we completely lose our children,” said another parent.

Other young people are equally concerned, saying vocational and entertainment centres that suit their needs are the missing link.

“I have never attended Vuzu parties, but I think they are a cry for help from kids with parents who are based in the diaspora,” said a youth.

“Peer pressure is the root cause of these misguided parties,” another said.

The vuzu parties, which often result in unwanted pregnancies and sexually-transmitted infections, are a Western phenomenon which has permeated the African moral setup.