Pan African Parliament condemns Ramathuba

By Tendai Munengwa in South Africa

Pan African Parliamentarians have called for an inquiry into the un-African conduct of South African provincial health minister, Dr Phophi Ramathuba who verbally attacked a Zimbabwean patient in Limpopo.

In a disturbing video which went viral on social media this Wednesday, Dr Ramathuba, who is also South Africa Member of Executive Committee in Limpopo, is seen telling the bed ridden Zimbabwean patient, “You speak Shona. You are from Zimbabwe. You are killing my health system. You must charge her… She is discharged…”

Ramathuba’s disturbing conduct has sparked outrage from Pan African Parliamentarians who are meeting in Midrand South Africa describing the verbal attack as unethical and anti-African.

“It’s so unfortunate for an African doctor to treat an African patient in that manner. Look here, I am an MP attending a Pan African Parliament here in South Africa. Imagine if I get sick and to get such mistreatment is unfortunate,” said Honourable Victoria Kingstone, Second Vice President PAP Women Caucus.

Botswana PAP MP, Honourable Simon Moabi said, “Politics aside. I agree with EEF leader Malema that this doctor should be fired for dehumanising a sick patient.”

“This is xenophobic at its worst. We call upon the leadership of South Africa to discuss this and call such doctors to order,” noted Hon Felix Okote Ogong, Uganda PAP MP.

Zimbabwe PAP MP, Hon Tatenda Mavetera noted, “This is so disheartening for a doctor. No one will tolerate such misconduct, especially coming from a doctor. This is a deliberate ploy by this doctor which is unethical and should be condemned at all cost. I believe this does not reflect the views of ANC and our relationship cannot be spoiled by an individual’s own agenda.”

With several progressive groups, including some medical associations and the Pan African Parliament having condemned Ramathuba, it remains to seen what course of action the South African authorities will take against the disregard of the spirit of Ubuntu.