Palestine congratulates Zim on 42nd independence anniversary

By Josephine Mugiyo Diplomatic Correspondent

PALESTINIAN ambassador to Zimbabwe, His Excellency Tamir Almassri has commended the Second Republic for pursuing economic growth despite the illegal sanctions imposed on the country.

On Monday next week, the country will be celebrating 42 years of independence and Palestine says it stands with Zimbabwe in calling for the illegal sanctions imposed by the United States and its allies.

Palestinian ambassador to Zimbabwe, His Excellency Tamir Almassri says he has confidence that the second Republic will be successful in attaining vision 2030 despite all the hurdles.

“All the time we look to Zimbabwe as one of our friends. We are proud of your principles.  We are with you as the people of Palestine, you don’t deserve the sanctions, we support the sovereignty of Zimbabwe and we are sure that you will achieve vision 2030,” saidambassador Almassri.

Meanwhile, Palestine continues in its quest to end the Israel occupation of their land with Ambassador Almassri condemning the killing of women and children by Israel forces.