Palestine condemns the killing of its citizens by Israeli soldiers

By ZBC Reporter

The Embassy of Palestine has condemned the terrorist approach being used by Israeli soldiers towards Palestinian citizens.

In a statement issued by the Embassy, Israeli soldiers detained an 80-year-old Palestinian
man Omar Abdalmajeed As’ad until he died this Wednesday.

“‘The Embassy of the state of Palestine in Harare condemns in the strongest terms the heinous
crimes of assassination committed by the Israeli occupying power against an 80-year-old Palestinian man Omar Abdalmajeed As’ad who died early yesterday after Israeli occupation soldiers detained, blindfolded, and handcuffed him in the village of Jiljilya, north of the occupied West Bank city of Ramallah,” reads the statement.

Palestine has called on the international community to intervine and protect its citizens.

“The Israeli apartheid state soldiers and settlers are espousing a terrorist approach in their
treatment of Palestinians and we call for the international community to immediately act to stop Israel’s crimes, provide protection to the Palestinian people.

“The latest crime is a continuity of Israel’s ongoing aggression on the Palestinian people that
should not be tolerated. These Extra-judicial killings such as this are the consequence of the regular resort to lethal force by well-armed and well-protected Israeli security personnel against Palestinians, and the almost total lack of accountability for killings and injuries of Palestinians by Israeli forces.

“We hold Israeli government fully and directly responsible for the death of Omar Abdalmajeed As’ad especially in light of the new instructions issued at the political and military level by the occupying power to the soldiers, which facilitate them to shoot and kill the Palestinians as pre-death sentences.