Opposition parties’ politics of denial

By Bruce Chahwanda, Political Editor

A trend is emerging where the continent has been infested by opposition political parties who have a penchant of disputing election results despite endorsing the process in the run up to the polls.

This comes after Kenyan opposition leader, Raila Odinga once again refused to accept the results of the recently-held national election.

Raila Odinga who has been losing elections for the past decade was at it again, refusing to accept election results after the Independent Electoral Body announced William Ruto as the winner.

The development is not in isolation as it has also become an opposition ploy in Zimbabwe where the turncoat Nelson Chamisa-led opposition has been engaging in the politics of denial after claiming victory for his colleague Raila Odinga.

“This has become the character of all opposition political parties in the continent. They play with the electorate’s emotions to keep their hold on them for another election. They don’t want to tell their supporters the truth,” political analyst, Mr Edward Chimedza said.

For political analyst Mr Clayton Mambizvo, the gambit is an old trick which has become the hallmark of opposition political parties.

“Opposition political parties claim victory in the electoral process, but refute results as long as they don’t favour them. We have seen this in Kenya and being corroborated by local opposition political parties and this is in their blood,” said Mambizvo.

Nelson Chamisa contested elections in 2018 and claimed victory, but disputed results when the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission announced the official results.

The consequences are however far reaching with the potential to incite the public to embark on retrogressive acts of violence and hooliganism which hamper economic development.