Online comic skits a source of income

By Colette Musanyera

SOCIAL media has resulted in an evolution of entertainment trends with comic skits becoming one of the most popular genres.

Comic skits have become one of the most prominent entertainment genres on digital media, which has seen the rise of various female creatives who are gaining prominence in the field.

One such artist is Bee Wezhira born Beatrice Mudzingwa, who takes us through her journey as an online comedienne.

“I started doing skits on Tik Tok during the lockdown period. The response was overwhelming which prompted me to create a Facebook page which has attracted thousands of followers,” said Wezhira.

The comedienne whose skits mainly revolve around the character of Senzeni reckons that comedy is an industry which can sustain one’s livelihood adding that she is earning a decent living through endorsement deals.

“I am a trained teacher who is yet to get employed and I am using digital media to earn a living through endorsements from various companies,” she said.

Social media has over the years seen the birth of various comic characters including Madam Boss, Mai Titi, Mai Vee, Comic Pastor, Bamnini Nijo and Mbuya VaPiyasoni who always leave their fans in stitches with their hilarious utterances.