Olympic games fire to be displayed at a Tokyo museum

By ZBC Reporter

Organisers of the Olympic Games say the Olympic flame will go on display at a Tokyo museum in September after the corona virus pandemic forced them to scrap the torch relay and put the Games on hold.

officials say “the flame, which arrived in Japan for the nationwide relay in March, will be available for public viewing from this Tuesday to the first of November at Tokyo’s Olympic museum.”

The symbolic flame, lit in an elaborate ceremony at the ancient Greek site of Olympia, has been mired in uncertainty since the historic decision to postpone the Tokyo 2020 Games by a year.

The flame arrived to a muted welcome ceremony in northern Japan with a few dozen officials and guests, after plans to invite 200 schoolchildren were abandoned.

When the torch relay was scrapped, the flame was put on display in Fukushima prefecture — an area devastated by the 2011 tsunami and nuclear meltdown.

However, It was removed from public view as corona virus cases rose in the country after one week.
The flame is destined to light the Olympic cauldron when the delayed Games open on July 23 next year.

However, top officials have spoken openly about the possibility of cancelling them altogether as the pandemic continues to rage.