Oblivious of covid-19, illegal miners dig away in Zvishavane

Illegal miners are among social groups at most risk of contracting covid-19, and the situation at Magarasadza settlement in Zvishavane is a time bomb as the miners express gross ignorance on the pandemic.

Such is the situation at Magarasadza Settlement in Zvishavane, which is home to over four hundred illegal miners sharing a single blair toilet.

Worryingly, the occupants are adamant there is no such thing called covid-19.

“We are living well. If we say we have witnessed any covid-19 cases here we would be lying,” said one miner.

Another said: “We may only contract covid-19 from outsiders who visit this place to drink and find girls.”

“We only hear about it, and that is why when we saw your vehicle we had to put on our masks,” said another.

The behaviour of these illegal miners points to a lack of adequate information about the virus, raising fears that a single covid-19 case might result in all the occupants contracting the virus, much to the detriment of the whole population.

This comes as the country continues to record increasing cases of covid-19 and deaths.

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