Nurses associations reaffirm commitment to preserving lives

By Abigirl Tembo

VARIOUS associations of the nursing profession in Zimbabwe have pledged their commitment to preserving lives, vowing to never abandon patients.

Nursing professions represented by the Nurses and Midwives in Government Association of Zimbabwe, the Zimbabwe Young Nurses Association and the Zimbabwe Confederation of Midwives held a media briefing this Friday where they reaffirmed their commitment to government and dedication to their patients.

“We are dedicated to conserving life and never abandoning patients in their darkest hour of need. We are cognisant of the immense pressure our healthcare delivery system is and has been facing as it competes with the international community to retain its health workforce during these difficult times,” said Dr Pisirai Ndarukwa- Chairperson Nurses and midwives Association of Zimbabwe.

Dr Ndarukwa noted the strides made by the government towards nurses’ welfare.

“As professional associations, we have taken note of the recent adjustments to the cost of living, made by the government in an endeavour to cushion Nurses, midwives, all healthcare workers and the rest of the civil service. We have however expressed to our government the need for further cushioning of the workforce while also preserving the steady growth of the economy,” added Dr Ndarukwa.

Formed last year, the Nurses and Midwives in Government Association of Zimbabwe has more than 10 000 members.