NPA sets up five teams at Harare Magistrate Court

By ZBC Reporter

The National Prosecuting Authority has assured the nation that cases of economic sabotage will be fast tracked with five teams of seasoned prosecutors having been set up at the Harare Magistrates courts.

Pressure is mounting on economic saboteurs as anti-graft authorities intensify measures to curb the vice that is bleeding the economy of billions of dollars.

The National Prosecuting Authority has since put in place Crack Teams to deal with Serious Economic Offenses amid revelations that investigations have yielded credible evidence with compilation of dockets almost complete.

The recent arrest of the 14 directors accused of squirreling millions of US  dollars through currency violations,  is part of the ongoing blitz to clamp down rogue business activities.

The cited companies whose directors have been arrested are Chemodities Trading, Dream High Investments, Vision Credit Source, Access Finance, Tererati Private Limited, Titanium Capital, Kay Mudonhi Investments, Juso Global and Capital Profit Finance.

Prosecutor General Kumbirai Hodzi has declared zero tolerance on graft confirming that prosecutions will be fast-tracked after five teams made up of seasoned prosecutors were set up at Harare Magistrate Court.

 Each team comprises a minimum of two or three seasoned Prosecutors working with Investigators.

Another Crack Team is being established in Bulawayo at the Tredgold Magistrate Court.

This comes as anti-graft authorities have also activated inter agency cooperation to effectively deal with corruption.

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