Non-Monetary incentives for civil servants in the pipeline

By ZBC Reporter
GOVERNMENT is pursuing a massive project for the installation of cost-effective solar power facilities to benefit all civil servants during the first quarter of 2020.
The Zimbabwean government has reaffirmed its commitment to uplifting the standards of living for its employees through achieving a correct mix of both monetary and non-monetary incentives.
The Public Service Commission-PSC says it has dedicated the year 2020 to accelerate the roll out of non-monetary incentives for government workers.
Public Service Commission Deputy Chairperson, Dr Mary Margaret Muchada said as part of the incentives, the commission will roll out the solar installation project for civil servants whose repayment will be spread over a reasonable period of time.
“Meantime, the Public Service Commission is vigorously pursuing a project on the installation of cost-effective solar power facilities to all civil servants’ household among other incentives,” she said.
Plans are also at an advanced stage to establish a Funded Defined Benefit Pension Scheme, which will see the contributed funds being invested on the money market and other viable asset clusters.
Other planned non-monetary benefits include housing schemes, medical care and funeral assurance facilities.
Civil servants representatives and stakeholders attending the ongoing National Joint Negotiating Council Workshop being held in Victoria Falls are convinced that the incentives have the potential to guarantee a motivated and productive workforce.
“We do appreciate the efforts by the government to roll out the non-monetary incentives which have the potential to contribute to the realisation of a motivated workforce which can effectively contribute to the realisation of vision 2030 goals,” said a representative
To alleviate transport challenges, the government took a commendable decision to purchase 66 buses to ferry staff to and from work.
According to the PSC a total of 30 additional buses are expected to be availed in the not distant future.