Non-Governmental Organisations implored to promote national interests

By Peter Chivhima

NON-Governmental Organisations have been warned against abusing the Second Republic’s goodwill by engaging in anti-national activities.

The Second Republic has been pursuing the engagement and re-engagement agenda setting the record straight that the country is a friend to all and enemy to none.

That is, however, not a reason for non-governmental organisations to meddle in the country’s internal political affairs.

This was the key message when the Minister of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare, Professor Paul Mavima delivered a lecture at Zimbabwe National Defence University this Thursday.

“There is a need for these organisations to promote national interests in their day to day operations. Some errant PVOs and trusts, however, have been deviating from their mandatory by taking opportunities of the opening of the democratic space by the new dispensation to advance the regime change agenda, taking the opportunity of the democratic space in the new dispensation, so as a government we encourage them to operate within their confines,” he said.

A Private Voluntary Organisation Bill is currently before Parliament, with its enactment set to ensure transparency and accountability on the operations of NGOs, Private Voluntary Organisations and trusts.