Non-compliance to the law affects local authorities’ performance

By Patience Nyagato

NON-compliance to the law has been attributed to local authorities’ failure to meet their revenue collection targets.

Access to devolution funds is expected to aid in the development of communities, but non-compliance to the law has been cited as the reason why local authorities are failing to collect enough revenue to complement government funds.

Local Government and Public Works Minister, Honourable July Moyo says government will not approve budgets of local authorities that are failing to comply with the law, amid the realisation that local authorities are ailing in terms of revenue collection.

“We have discovered that most local authorities have become very weak in terms of revenue collection because they are not following the law. The constitution and rural district council act is very clear on what should be done in terms of revenue collection. And what we are finding out is that there is non-compliance and we are now saying we will not approve their budgets until they comply. So they must go back and comply because these local authorities can become very big instruments for development,” said the Minister.

Kwekwe City Council Finance Director, Rejoice Dandira, who presented the council’s annual budget to the ministry, said they are prepared to explore all the revenue streams enshrined in the constitution to improve service delivery in their city.

“We are going to look at all the pieces of legislation in terms of revenue collection and implement them. We are no longer going to focus on a few revenue streams but we will look at all the avenues enshrined in the constitution,” he said.

All the country’s 92 urban and rural local authorities will this week present their annual budgets to the ministry in an exercise meant to strengthen local authorities’ compliance to the law while enhancing service delivery and community development.