Newsday Editorial Comment on Awards:Govt calls for responsible journalism

By ZBC Reporter

Government has once again called on the media to commit towards responsible journalism and factual reportage.

In a statement, the Deputy Chief Secretary-Presidential Communications in the Office of the President and Cabinet, Mr George Charamba said government is concerned that some media organisations including the NewsDay continue to politicise national events and awards.

This comes after the newspaper’s editorial comment claiming nepotism in the selection of the 25 people and 14 institutions honoured through various awards on Heroes Day.

Mr Charamba said it is unfortunate that the NewsDay editorial team chose to take the awards personal, by claiming that President Emmerson Mnangagwa acted singly, unilaterally and unlawfully in identifying the award winners, particularly his spouse.

He also took the opportunity to clarify that in deciding the scope of honours and awards for any given year, government looks at actors in key sectors and areas of the society who would have impacted positively on the nation.

Going forward, government says such honours will be a permanent feature of our National Heroes Commemorations, the prime idea being to motivate and trigger a spirit of sacrifice, excellence and service to society.

The awards are open to all regardless of colour, creed, station, gender, tribe, region and nationality.