Newly-built Craneborne house gutted by fire

By Wellington Makonese

A Cranborne family in Harare has been left homeless after their US$150 000 property was gutted by fire under unclear circumstances.

Just before what could have been the Hamandawanas’ grand entry into their newly completed property, tragedy struck and reduced the house go ashes and dark walls that managed to withstand the fury of flames.

An emotional Erica Hamandawana explains, “I can’t explain how it happened. Years of work and I have nothing left. I haven’t even lived in the house.”

Although the source of the fire remains a mystery, the family has ruled out an electrical fault since there was no electricity on the day in question.

“I woke up to go for a jog around 8am. I told my daughter to go check and that’s when she saw fire from the rooftop of the main house. All the tenants had already left.

“It was such as sorry sight.”

Nothing was recovered from the house and community members are in shock.

“The situation is tragic. It’s more than an incident but weighs on life. What we have witnessed just now is bigger than first reported.

“I was one of the first few people to witness this, so the first thought was to contact neighbours who have been assisting with accommodation,” narrated those present.

It is back to the drawing board for the family, but for the father figure in Doubt Hamandawana, there is hope especially considering that no life was lost.