New passport application process welcomed

By Owen Mandovha

ZIMBABWEANS have welcomed the hustle free application process for the electronic passport which will be in use starting this Monday.

The coming in of the e-passport has brought relief among Zimbabweans who have commended the government for introducing a document that is cheap and easy to obtain.

“I can’t believe that applying for a passport has become this easy and I thank the government for this noble initiative. I was promised to come and collect my passport after seven days and today I have my passport which I collected easily and the process is very clear and straightforward. The price is very affordable and the staff is professional unlike in the past when you had to labour to get a passport.”

The E-passport also comes with convenience with an option to either cancel the existing passport or have it cancelled upon collection.

“I was given the option to either keep my valid passport or they will cancel it upon collection because I cannot keep both but I am impressed by the speed and efficiency of the new system.”

The new electronic passport system has been embraced by Zimbabweans who have flocked to the Registrar General Offices to acquire the document, which puts Zimbabwe among a few African countries which use the International Civil Aviation Organisation compliant passport.