New cultural centre set to be opened

By ZBC Reporter

A culture centre known as Chaminuka Cultural Village is set to be established in Chitungwiza next year.
The centre will be home to traditional weapons and a place for cultural practices. It is intended to promote and showcase Zimbabwe’s cultural diversity.
The centre will also assist in promoting cultural dialogue, networking and the creation of new cultural resources for both the public and private sectors.
The brains behind the Chaminuka Cultural Village, Sekuru Soko, a traditionalist, said the centre will be used to revive and preserve Zimbabwean cultural practices and traditions.
“The cultural village will help maintain cultural practices, traditions and our history for the sake of generations to come,” said Sekuru Soko.
A cultural enthusiast from Britain, Richard Pickling, who is assisting in the implementation of the project, indicated that most African traditions and spirituality have been destroyed, hence the importance of establishing a cultural centre so as to preserve Africa’s beautiful tradition.
“There is a need for local people to honour their traditions and spirituality. It is unfortunate that most African traditions were destroyed many years ago and such initiatives will help revive them,” he said.