New book seeks to inspire Zimbabweans towards entrepreneurship

By John Nhandara

Entrepreneurial skills and traits have been captured in an inspirational book launched in Harare this Friday, amid calls for Zimbabweans to be innovative and business-minded.

The success stories of entrepreneurs that come from humble beginnings and end up establishing business empires as a result of determination and resourcefulness has been captured in the book titled, ‘The Will of Time’ authored by entrepreneur, Rhinos Mautsa.

“It is a book with three characters, whom we explored their journey to success. The theme is focused on creating opportunities for yourself to become a successful person,” Dr Mautsa said.

By capturing the phenomenal business success journeys of young entrepreneurs, the book is expected to inspire many people country wide.

“We must be innovators we need to start our own things if we are to leave a legacy,” a guest who attended the launch said.

Another noted: “The best person to tell a successful story of himself is the person himself. As business people we must share the knowledge and stories of our business journeys.”

The book launch was attended by successful businesspeople and accomplished business executives who include Nyaradzo Group CEO, Mr Phillip Mataranyika, TelOne CEO, Mrs Chipo Mutasa and Securico Founder and Director, Dr Devine Ndhlukula, among others.