‘Negligence major cause of road accidents’

By Wellington Makonese
ACCIDENTS that occurred during the Easter holiday including the disaster which claimed more than 30 lives have laid bare how negligence and human error is causing loss of life on the country’s roads.
This year’s Easter holiday started on a bad note after a bus crash claimed 37 lives in Chipinge on Thursday night, while another accident claimed four lives in Nyanga on Good Friday.
More lives were lost during the public holiday, with most of the accidents being blamed on human error, overloading and speeding.
Zimbabweans who spoke to ZBC News this Monday noted how lack of due diligence is contributing to loss of life with most of the vehicles being unroadworthy while others being overloaded.
“Sometimes we get overloaded in trucks during night times because we want to travel,” said one traveller.
“Indeed some of the vehicles we use are not worthy causing accidents and we do not have much choice, there are running battles with council and police,” said another.
Traffic authorities have also raised concern over negligence by some of the drivers.
“We are calling for our drivers to be cautious in our roads. Most of the times we experience a spike in road traffic accidents and most of them being caused by reckless driving,” said Kura Sibanda, Board Chairperson for the Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe.
According to statistics released by the Zimbabwe Republic Police more than 40 lives were lost during the Easter holiday in various accidents which occurred around the country.