Need to interrogate issues surrounding menstrual health, First Lady

By ZBC Reporter
AS Zimbabwe joins the world in commemorating world menstrual hygiene, the First Lady Amai Auxillia Mnangagwa has called for the interrogation of social norms and taboos around the issue.
In many African societies, Zimbabwe included, the issue of menstruation is taboo resulting in many young women suffering in silence.
Officially handing over sanitary wear to girls from underprivileged families at Zimbabwe House, the first lady Amai Auxillia Mnangagwa said now is the time to break the silence on menstrual hygiene.
“Let’s address the challenges women and girls face, menstrual hygiene is not a girls and women’s issue alone as failure to manage menstrual hygiene can result in infections and cause grievous bodily harm. Now is the time to stop the silence. Menstrual hygiene is considered as a dark phase, considered as taboo, silence contributes to ignorance. We want the issue to be talked about,” said the First Lady.

Some of the recipients highlighted the challenges they face during that time of the month.
“Sometimes my mom does not have money to buy the pads and I end up using a cloth which is very uncomfortable when I am at school,” said one recipient.
This year’s world menstrual hygiene Day theme is “periods in pandemic” which highlights how the challenges faced by women during menstruation have become worse due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic