NDS1 targets in the health sector achievable; gvt

By ZBC Reporter

HEALTH authorities in Mashonaland East say their target of opening at least one health facility in every district per year under the National Development Strategy One is achievable.

At present every district of Mashonaland East province has an ongoing health facility construction project courtesy of devolution funds availed by the central government.

“We want to establish at least one clinic per district every year a target which is achievable after the coming in of devolution.”

Local authorities where devolution funds have assisted in the construction of health facilities include Bepeta and Chumachangu Clinics in Murewa, Madamombe Clinic in Chikomba and Bwoni Clinic in Seke.

“This is one of our remotest parts of the district and we are happy we have managed to establish a clinic which will help us a lot.’

“This clinic was started by the community so we have to partner them so that they have access to health facilities.”
“We have a number of clinics in our area and we are happy that with devolution we have managed to build most of them which should be completed soon.”

Ensuring improved access to health services is one of the key pillars of National Development Strategy One. Meanwhile, Government is also set to establish three health posts in hard to reach areas in Wedza, Chikomba and Mudzi districts.

“As your government, we prioritise health delivery so we are quite happy this will make our dreams achievable.”

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